I knew her as Mémé.  Her name was Irene Antoinette Peloquin, and she married my grandfather in the 1930s.  Grandpa, to put it mildly, was not a nice guy.  She stayed married to him, though, until he died in 1980.  She had two children.  She was 101.

I regret that she never met my children.  Ryan and I had fantasies about flying into Florida and driving up the east coast to visit her in Massachusetts.  We’ll never have that opportunity now.  I know she would have been just as patient, loving and kind to them as she was to my brother and I.

She was a beautiful woman.  She attended church every day.  I’m sure that her faith helped her get through the hard times.  She had two young children when Pearl Harbor was attacked and no doubt had trouble making ends meet during the war.

After I got sick, I didn’t reach out to her as often as I should have.  Part of me didn’t really want her to know what was happening.  I wonder now if that was a mistake.

I loved her.  I hope wherever she is, it’s warm and bright.

7 thoughts on “Irene

  1. Praying for you all. My Grandmother is 97 and going strong, but I know time passes quickly. I feel she was praying for you during your treatments. She is home with the Lord and at rest. Doesn’t make it any easier for you and the family but there is comfort there. Thanks for sharing and know you have a lot of people sending prayers and good thought your way.

  2. I am sorry so for your loss, and so happy that you had your Meme in your life. This was a beautiful post and a beautiful remembrance. I am sure she knew how much you loved her, and that you were loved as much in return.

  3. Sorry to hear she passed. While you might have regrets about not reaching out to her more when you got sick, you might also have made her worry. My sympathies to all of you…

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