My hair has grown in quite curly.  If I leave it as it is, it may just keep growing outward, into Ronald McDonald proportions.  I’m actually considering cutting it and wearing it in a short buzz all the time.  If I do that, I’ll miss out on the wonderful possibility of having big, long, springy curls.  I wonder if it’ll just stop being curly at some point and continue to grow as it was.

It’s so strange that chemotherapy messes with something like hair when everything else remains the same.  What process is that?  If it changes my hair, why can’t it flatten my belly?  Or give me nice eyebrows?

Xeni Jardin

Xeni Jardin is a world-famous blogger and internet personality.  She was also diagnosed with breast cancer shortly before I was.  She’s kind of become my cancer guru.  She’s written all about her journey on boingboing.net.  Her writing helped me to anticipate what would happen before it happened, and assured me that it was okay to be pissed off and scared sometimes.

She’s vacationing here in Honolulu right now, and Ryan and I were lucky enough to have lunch with her a couple of weeks ago.  I’m so glad I got to meet her.  She’s lived such a colorful life.  I learned so much from our conversation and I actually feel a little humbled now.

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