my shoes

I recently learned that around the time I was beginning chemo, an old friend died of brain cancer.  We met in high school and kept in touch on and off.  I knew he was sick but I was hopeful that he would get better.

I didn’t believe at the time things could be worse for me.  Even though the outlook for my health was good, it didn’t even occur to me that someone I knew and liked could be worse off than me.

I’ve been thinking about that lately; about how none of us ever really know what’s going on with other people.  I’m guilty at sneering at people for getting elective surgery and now I know that I was misguided.

I went in for a second consultation with my plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Faringer, and scheduled my reconstruction for September 25.

4 thoughts on “my shoes

  1. You da woman, Jen. Ryan does know that Padovani’s chocolates are the recommended pre- and post-op diet, right?

  2. We all get wrapped up in ourselves at times and put our thoughts and judgements on to others. We just have to pause and give the grace that has been given to us to others. Keep up the fight and may the Lord strengthen you daily.

  3. I’m really sorry to hear about the loss of your friend; it’s not easy losing someone. I am also grateful to know that it has ended up helping you in your own life. There’s nothing wrong with having a balanced life and body.

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