I’ve been unemployed for a couple of months, but I’ve been putting the time to good use.  In fact, it’s been nice.  Ryan and the kids have all been home since the outbreak, so we’ve been spending a lot of time together as a family and we still all like each other.

Take-out and delivery meals are expensive, so I’ve been cooking pretty much every meal and I’m enjoying it.  I haven’t been experimenting as much as I’d like to, but I’m maintaining a routine and usually have plans for at least two days ahead.  I’ve always liked cooking.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be as good as a professional chef, but practice makes perfect.  Mostly, I just like being sure that everyone is fed.

Having Ryan home is reminding me of why I love him.  He’s working hard from home and I think would forget to eat, so I bring him his breakfast and lunch.  When his day is over, we relax and watch TV.  This last week, we’ve been watching filmed versions of Broadway musicals with Kate.  Before I met Ryan, I had no knowledge of musicals, but he grew up loving show tunes and he introduced me to all the big ones:  Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, Evita.

Since high school when I started to enjoy writing, I’ve had ideas in my head, never fully formed enough to write a novel, but seeds of stories, and about a year ago I figured out a way to bring them together.  It’s coming along slowly, but more reliably now that I’m home every day.  I find that my protagonist has a mind of her own, though, and I’m having to wrangle her a bit.  Sometimes I’m more inspired by random things that end up as short stories.

The world outside our home is a scary place currently, so I’m grateful that we have each other inside.

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