Flashback. Though we got an official diagnosis on March 8, 2012, it comes after several nerve-wracking phone calls and an escalating series of doctor visits. We were hesitant to share what was happing, given the constant hope that nothing was happening, but it was definitely a challenge given our usual habit of oversharing. The only signs we’d shared publicly (which did not go unnoticed by some friends) were a distinct uptick in geolocation app checkins at medical facilities. I think this March 2 checkin and photo on Path is probably the first digital artifact of this experience.


We set up this blog to help family and friends learn about, and keep up with, Jen’s fight with breast cancer. We also wanted a space to document and track everything for ourselves. If this is the first time you’ve visited this site, we know it might be overwhelming. We were overwhelmed, too! But most of all, we’re grateful that you’re interested in learning more, and might follow this journey. Read more about this blog.

Jen passed away on Aug. 5, 2021. The latest entries in this blog are by her family. If you’d like to only read entries that Jen wrote, please click here. To read more of her writing, see “Jen Online” in the sidebar.